Rev Up Your Fitness: The 700 Padel High-Energy Workout Experience

In a world where the pursuit of fitness is both a science and an art, there is no scarcity of training sessions and workout regimes. However, you need the best fitness center Dubai to step up your fitness routine and enjoy the ultimate training. This is where 700 Padel and Fitness Hub enters the scene!

Embark on a transformative quest curated and guided by expert coaches and skilled trainers. Don’t think our workout sessions are mere training classes; these are comprehensive sessions supported by modern facilities, personalized guidance, and thoughtfully planned aesthetics.

Here is a glimpse of what workout experience awaits you at the top-rated fitness center Dubai, 700 Padel and Fitness Hub.


    Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Welcome to 700 Padel and Fitness Hub: The Best Fitness Center Dubai
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Functional Training
  • 700 Hiit
  • 700 Fit Boxing
  • 700 Booty Blast
  • Body Pump
  • Core Blast
  • Body Combat
  • Fitness and More with 700 Padel and Fitness Hub
  • FAQs


Welcome to 700 Padel and Fitness Hub: The Best Fitness Center Dubai

At our fitness center Dubai, we understand the importance of individual fitness goals. That’s why we developed a diverse range of more than 18 classes across various disciplines. From standard fitness sessions to ladies’ exclusive classes to functional fitness training dedicated to kids – the list goes on!


Indoor Cycling

While the core of this fitness programme remains cycling, it can be categorized into two sections- 700 beats and performance rides. This expert coaching-guided class of 700 beats is a high-energy mix of cycling techniques, club-style lighting, and hit music. The speed and climbing intervals are matched to the beats of the music. The time-based drills of this class aim to inspire participants to improve their skills and power with maximum energy. Similarly, the performance ride includes high-intensity intervals to build strength and endurance with the fun beats of music.


Functional Training

The objective of functional training at our fitness center Dubai is to enhance the endurance, strength, and cardiovascular resistance of the participants. It is divided into three sections, each designed with different intensity levels and formats.

  • Essential Fitness: It is focused on beginners, while participants of all fitness levels are welcome. The strength-based classes here help improve balance, coordination, and overall strength by replicating crucial movements and muscles you require in everyday life, whether at home, work, or anywhere else!
  • 700 Functional Fitness: Push your boundaries to become stronger, fitter, and leaner via exercises with various equipment and your body weight. It is suited for all fitness enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Ultra Fitness: Enter this full-body workout class for elevating endurance and stamina. You can enter individual sessions or join with partners or in small groups. Note that it is an advanced session.


700 Hiit

This class has a circuit training format where participants go through short but intense physical activities with rests. You will undergo weight training involving free weights, barbells, resistance bands, etc. The aim here is to engage every muscle of your body. It includes cardio and core work intervals, too! It focuses on the upper body, lower body, abs, and full body, combining power, endurance, and functionality.


700 Fit Boxing

The essence of this workout regimen lies in cultivating exercises that systematically condition the muscles within the body, preparing them for everyday life. The incorporation of boxing enhances hand-eye coordination and further helps improve overall balance and reaction time.


700 Booty Blast

If your fitness checklist has sculpting and building lean thighs and glutes, this one’s for you! This programme is designed with various strategic and intense strength movements and isolation exercises.


Core Blast

Sign up for this strength training class to redefine your core, enhance your athletic performance, improve your movement health, and prevent back aches. It is a 45-minute long class.


Body Combat

Filled with punching and kicking techniques, this class will help you burn up to 570 calories. It is a martial arts-inspired workout session that requires high energy. That said, it does not have complicated moves.


Fitness and More with 700 Padel and Fitness Hub

With 700 Padel and Fitness Hub, every fitness program and training session takes you one step closer to your ultimate goal. Our expert trainers will guide you through each step while the thoughtful interiors will create a vibrant and lovely ambience for you to stay energized throughout your sessions. Whether you already have a specific requirement and picked any of our classes or you are waiting to be introduced to a plethora of options, you will find an exciting world at our fitness center Dubai.

We are bringing enjoyment and excellence to our top-notch facility to cater to not only your fitness goals but also to your padel and wellness objectives. It doesn’t end here! Our premium showers and changing rooms will allow you to peacefully catch your breath, rewind, and wash away all the sweat. Then, you can step into our 700 Café for a nice cup of joe and some fun socializing. Yes, there are tasty and healthy treats for your post-workout hunger.

What’s the delay then? Register and join the 700 circle today!



700 Padel and Fitness Hub tailored services for corporate clients. From basic team-building activities to customized programmes, we offer a wide range of benefits.

Yes, 700 Padel and Fitness Hub have fitness classes specially designed for kids.

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